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The “BULTED” JSC firm has been created in 1965 within the system of the SEA (State Economic Alliance) “WHOLESALE”, the Zimnitza “COMMECIAL BASE” branch, and as such it has existed until 1989 when according to Decree 56 it has been transformed into AF “BULTED”, and in 1990, according to the commercial law, it has been re-registered as a JSC.

The company has been re-registered at the Agency of Entries in the Commercial Register towards 25.07.2008.
Our activities include:
letting storage areas: the company has its seat in Sofia city and disposes of storage and production base for letting with an area of 7350 sq.m. The estate falls into a mixed-and-production zone at an exceptionally communicative location close to the ideal center of the city.
commercial activity
buying up and sale of all commodities of local produce (Sofia, the Sofia region, and the whole of South-West Bulgaria)
sale of goods within the system of the SEA “WHOLESALE”
performance of services under the storage processing of goods, commercial, and agency activities
market research and the connected information servicing
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Address: Sofia 1510
Pavlina Unifrieva Str №4



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